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Compare Bragada Comfort & Value vs. Tempur-Pedic® Mattresses

The Bragada Mattress family has been serving Americans from the heartland since 1958. Many ask us how can Bragada be less and still deliver the same quality? For us the answers are simple enough.

  • Bragada doesn't spend $100s of millions on advertising like the Tempur-Pedic®.
  • Bragada doesn't have shareholders, fancy executives or big investors to pay back.
  • Bragada builds every mattress, custom to order, by hand in the US.
  • Bragada brings you a fresh mattress with no big warehouses or overseas shipping costs.
Tempur-pedic Cloud Mattress Comparison
"The Crowne"
from $
9" Gel Memory Foam w/Natural Bamboo
Tempur-pedic Cloud Prima Mattress Compare
"The Montebella"
from $
11" Gel Memory Foam Mattress w/Natural Bamboo
Tempurpedic Contour Supreme Mattress Comparison
"The Avalon"
from $
13" Gel Memory Foam Mattress w/2" Quilted Clouds
Tempur-pedic Rhapsody Breeze Mattress Compare
"The Balance"
from $
Premium Back Support "No-Sag" Mattress
Tempur-pedic cloud supreme mattress comparison
"The Silver Cloud"
from $
Premium Gel Memory Foam Mattress w/MaxEdge Support
Tempur-pedic Rhapsody Luxe Mattress Comparison
"The Belleza"
from $
Luxury Back Support Contouring Mattress
Tempur-pedic Cloud Luxe Mattress comparison
"The Silver Cloud Lux"
from $
Contouring Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress
Tempur-pedic Allura Grandbed Mattress compare
"The Milan"
from $
Grandest Luxury 15" Gel Memory Foam Mattress

What is CoolTemp™ Gel Infused Memory Foam?

Memory foam was created in 1960’s by NASA as a way to have more comfortable seating for astronauts and airline passengers. Fast forward to 1992 and the company Tempur-Pedic® was formed as the government made memory foam technology available to the public. The comfort and support properties of memory foam revolutionized the mattress industry and is still consider the best sleeping surface.

At Bragada we developed CoolTemp™ & infused gel into the memory foam as it is formed creating consistent cooling across the ensure bed for all sleepers. You get the same amazing comfort and support from a memory foam mattress, just without getting too hot. Here is more on the Memory Foam Mattress Evolution.

Bragada developed CoolTemp™ Gel infused memory foam because the only drawback to memory foam was it’s strength, heat. It uses heat from the body to create thermal sensitivity for your pressure points. This helps reduce pain for all sleepers but caused many to sleep too hot. With Bragada’s CoolTemp™ gel infused memory foam a hot sleep can be avoided while benefiting from the pain relieving comfort & support characteristics of old style memory foam. More on the power of infused gel and how it can help you sleep better in this reference section, What is a Gel Memory Foam mattress?

What is White Glove Delivery Service?

"White Glove Service" is commonly referred to as the complete mattress service. Most bigger corporate brands automatically include this but at Bragada you have a choice because we understand not everyone is the same. Here is an overview of your options at Bragada.

1. Free Shipping: Always included with your new Bragada Mattress.

2. Gold Delivery Service is often referred to as “White Glove” service

We deliver and set-up your new Bragada Mattress and remove all delivery materials.

3. Platinum Delivery Service

We deliver and set-up your new Bragada Mattress and remove all delivery materials.

We remove your old bedding and dispose of it properly for you.

Why does Bragada have only 8 models?

As you probably already know one ploy many companies take is to confuse shoppers. If they can spend all their advertising and make you think a product is something it is not do they get you to spend more? That answer is usually yes, so beware. Bragada’s 8 models cover all memory foam mattress shoppers and maintains our ability to bring you a great custom made mattress at an affordable price.

Bragada Mattress Reviews

You don’t have to take our word for it, see what some Bragada customers had to say in these mattress reviews. These recommendations are the opinions of our customers who now enjoy getting a great night’s sleep “free from pain” & love their new Bragada Mattress.  Maybe it’s time for you to save some $s and start sleeping better?

five star reviewFirst time in years I am sleeping. (Joan Hardy)
I received our Silver Cloud mattress a couple of weeks ago. I can't tell you how pleased we are. For the first time in years I am sleeping through the night and if I do wake up I can just roll over and go right back to sleep. I had tried out the Tempur-Pedic in a local store and was sold on the Celebrity memory foam bed, but their price of $3,500 was sobering. I came home and I immediately went on line and started my research. I was determined to find a bed with the same exact quality when I came across your site and was pleased to see your foam and covering was equal to, or better, than the Tempur-Pedic and at half the price! After speaking to your representative Trever at your 800 number all my questions were answered and I placed the order. The bed came in a timely manor and I was pleased to see they were packaged in boxes. The bed was perfect and exactly as advertised. Thank you for making such a quality, comfortable bed. After listening to me rave about my bed I have friends who asked if they could try it out as they are also in the market for a memory foam mattress. I think I can safely say you can expect some more orders coming in shortly.

five star reviewVery happy with our new Bragada matress. (Curt and Tracy Berndt)
Hello. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we are very happy with our new Bragada mattress. After sleeping on it for the first three nights I know that I will never buy another inner spring mattress. It only got better when we received our pillows two days ago, it was like frosting on the cake! My wife and I have wanted to buy a tempur-pedic for two years, but haven't been able to come up with that kind of money for a bed. I found your sight while surfing on the net a decided to give you a try. I will never regret our choice. Your shipping and communication were always fast and professional. I already have a couple of friends thinking about buying from you. Thank you very much.

five star reviewLove our new Bragada. (Larry Swanson)
Hi, Just thought I should let you know how much my wife and I love our new Bragada King size mattress. We have both been sleeping better than we have in MANY, MANY years. I used to tell my wife that I wish I could just disconnect my arms at night while I slept. I am a side sleeper and my arms and shoulders would ache terribly most of the night with our $1500.00 Simmons Beauty Rest King mattress. A search brought me to Bragada. After checking MANY different companies online it appeared that this was the company to try out. I had been impressed with Tempurpedic but when I found that Bragada offered a MUCH better cover than Tempurpedic's terry cover and actually more of the memory foam, there was NO doubt who had the best deal. Thank God I didn't waste my money on a Tempurpedic! I actually got a phone call from someone two days ago that had noticed my name on your site as someone that had written to RAVE about the mattress and pillows, and by the way had given my approval to mention my name. The man was from Florida, I am from Wisconsin, and he had looked me up to ask for a "personal" recommendation. I have to say, this is the first time that I have given ANY recommendation for ANY product I had bought. I am pretty sure the man called to order his mattress and pillows after speaking with me. I only hope that your company, and me for that matter, are around when it is time to order another mattress. Thanx for making our life better. The mattress and the queen pillows are absolutely FANTASTIC.

five star reviewWow. Wonderful. (Kelly Roberts)
I recently received my new King-sized Avalon bed and foundation and all I can say is "Ahhhh!" It feels so wonderful to wake up without the usual backache and body aches that I had experienced with my old innerspring mattress! I am 7 months pregnant, and our old mattress was just so uncomfortable, I woke up feeling as if I had been beaten up! Now, when I step out of bed, I actually feel well-rested and refreshed as I should, with no mysterious aches and pains. I am so glad I researched memory foam beds online and found your company. I knew I wanted a Tempur-type mattress, but the cost made it almost impossible for me to get one. After reading other reviews and your lifetime warranty, I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm sure glad I did! Thanks for giving me the wonderful gift of a good night's sleep!

five star reviewImpressed. (Nathan G. Powell)
I received my Bragada and I was very impressed with the quality of the product, as well as the comfort and the "firm yet soft" feel of the mattress. I was also impressed with your pricing and warranty compared to the Tempurpedic brand. The ordering process was easy and customer service with additional questions was very professional. Delivery of the mattress and foundation was on time, and wrapped and cartoned with care taken that it would be received in pristine condition. I feel positive that you should have quite a number of satisfied customers. Keep up with the good work.

Our business is making a great mattress for you.
Our passion is helping all Americans to sleep better

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Compare to Tempurpedic

Our business is making a great mattress for you.
Our passion is helping all Americans to sleep better

GO Mattress Shopping

Free Mattress Delivery Fast best-memory-foam-mattress-warranty natural-foam-mattress made-in-usa-memory-foam-mattress /best-memory-foam-mattress-warranty Bragada Lifetime Warranty best-memory-foam-mattress-warranty

Our business is bringing you the best memory foam mattress for your money.
Our passion is to help every American sleep better.

From our family to yours, thank you for considering a Bragada Mattress

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