What are the Best Sleep Aids?

A good mattress can contribute to a good sleep.

If you don’t get a perfect sleep every night you may want to try a few of these sleep aids. Some simple changes in your life can bring on a better sleep.

We see advertisements for sleep aids on television. The same ads show up on Facebook. We even get them in the mail. Those pesky sales pitches entices us to buy the latest sleep aids or suffer an unhealthy life with little or no sleep.

Do I need a sleep aid?

sleep aid equal safer drivingIf you count yourself among the majority of American adults, 54% to be precise that struggle to get a good night’s sleep, you may want to consider some sleep aids. A good sleep leads to a healthy, more productive life which you deserve. So start giving yourself more beauty rest.

One out of 20 drivers admit to nodding off while driving with over 40,000 traffic accidents attributed to sleep problems each year. If you have problems sleeping it makes sense to look for help. Check out our sleep facts page to learn more about sleep loss and how it can affect your health.

If you suffer from poor sleep on a regular basis, begin your research with a visit to your doctor. Lack of healthy sleep is a very real medical condition and the web is not a doctor.

What are the best sleep aids?

There are many options when it comes to tools for finding better sleep. We’ve assembled just some of the top sleep aids we could find, resources and advice to help you along your sleep journey. The truth is the best sleep aid is one that helps you get a healthier sleep each night.

We researched a number of sources including Dr. Andrew Weil. Dr. Weil is a world renowned nutritionist and health expert that provides guidance on natural sleep aids. Another focuses on helping us live healthier lives offering up the best sleeping aids at LiveStrong.com.

Natural remedy sleep aids

These sleep aids many consider natural may help you find a better sleep.

Magnesium and Calcium: These supplements have shown to improve symptoms of fatigue during the day. A more active day time can bring a good sleep.
Melatonin: A hormone found in animals and plants many consider a worth sleep aid for those times getting to sleep isn’t easy.
Valerian tea: Don’t make this permanent but valerian tea has shown to help get to sleep.

Environmental sleep aids

Consider changing up your world to bring on a better sleep.

Aromatherapy: Lavender has shown to help relax the mind. Maybe a lavender soap in the night time shower would be good.
Bring on the dark: Avoid all forms of light in your bedroom especially those smart phones and a TV. Backlit devices have shown to make us more awake.
Good morning sunshine: Open the drapes, don’t wear sunglasses and turn on bright lights in the morning. Morning light helps our body wake up and learn dark is for sleep, light is for waking up.
Better mattress: If you’re not comfortable at night in your bed how can you get a better sleep? Replace pillows every 12 months and mattresses every 7 years for a good night’s rest.

Personal behavior sleep aids

A few small changes in what you do each day can reap big benefits in the sleep department. One example is as simple as your nightly rituals. Ever wake up before your sleeps aids or alarm clockalarm clock? Your brain has learned when to wake up. Teach it to go to sleep by establishing the same ritual every night.

You are what you eat is a popular phrase but we’re here to tell you may sleep what you eat. If certain foods give you indigestion, avoid them at night.

Drinking your day’s intake of water right before bed won’t help either along with other eating habits that cause you to have to get up out of bed at night.

As easy as taking a walk during the day can bring a better rest at night. Not right before bed but during the day get a little more exercise.

We all understand if you can learn to relax at night it will help you go to sleep. Worry or frustration right before bed can cause a restless night’s sleep so try to focus on relaxing through breathing exercises or reading funny books.

This article’s focus is on those sleep aids that are non-prescription with the intent of saving you $’s and bringing you a healthier sleep. Never put anything in your body without first seeking the advice of your physician or sleep doctor. If you think you have a more serious sleep problem please seek a sleep specialist for professional advice and consultation.

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