Memory Foam Mattress Evolution

The next generation memory foam is here.

Not everyone was a hippie back in the 60’s. A few were scientists who developed the technology we refer to as memory foam. Tempur-pedic™ took advantage of this when NASA offered memory foam for commercial use in the 80’s.

Memory-Foam-Mattress-Technology-Invented-1960s-hippie-girlIn 1992 the Tempur-pedic™ Swedish memory foam mattress was unveiled.  This memory foam was a leap forward for Americans to sleep better back in the 1990’s. Today, Bragada’s new Cool Temp™ Gel Memory Foam Mattress brings a better sleep 25 years later.

Benefits of a memory foam mattress

A memory foam mattress is denser than other foam mattresses, making it both more supportive and heavier. Memory foam has an open-cell structure that reacts to body heat and weight by ‘molding’ to the sleeper’s body, helping relieve pressure points, preventing pressure sores, etc.

  • Experience less pain with pressure point relief.
  • Sleep better as comfort is customized to each sleeper’s personal needs.
  • Relieve back pain through improved support.
  • Reduce allergies through memory foam’s natural characteristics.

Why a gel memory foam mattress is better

Unfortunately, the heat-retaining properties of conventional memory foam mattresses like Tempur-pedic™ can be a downside to all the benefits. Gel visco or gel memory foam consists of gel particles fused with visco foam to reduce trapped body heat, speed up spring back time and help the mattress feel softer maintaining it’s firm support.

Bragada introduced CoolTemp™ gel infused memory foam around the same time Serta®’s iComfort® line was introduced, just a couple years ago. Both brands unveiled ‘gel memory foam’ as the next generation after Tempur-pedic™’s conventional memory foam mattress. A few of the reasons gel memory foam might be something to consider for your new mattress purchase include:

Maintain a balanced body temperature through the night. Bragada and iComfort® cool gel mattresses help your body better maintain optimum sleeping temperature, which is different for each person.

Get extra support where you need it for a comfortable sleep experience.

Improve air flow in the bed avoiding hot spots that make you want to toss & turn.

Gain consistent performance with Bragada’s infused gel mattress technology as other manufacturers choose cheap beads or chunk gel which simply doesn’t last or perform as well.

Bragada gel mattress reviews

Our sleep better blog is the intent of our family at Bragada Mattress to help America sleep better. There is nothing that brings us more satisfaction than customers who enjoy a pain relieving better sleep inducing mattress from Bragada. With consumers comparing a Tempur-pedic™ memory foam mattress to a Bragada Mattress reviews like these are common:

“… We looked at a lot of other beds. Then we placed the call to Bragada and … the miracle arrived. We set up the bed giggling like a couple little kids. We sleep all night and wake feeling awesome!!!!! We finally have control of the most important time of the day… Sleepy time. Thank Infused-Gel-memory-foam-mattress-scienceYou Bragada We Love You !!!”  Our pleasure Earl & DeeAnn Smith of California

We love our bed. We are telling everyone about your great prices and quality. I am so thankful that we did not buy the Tempurpedic. We took a risk and bought the bed unseen and without being able to lay on it. I’m so glad we did.” Thanks for letting us know Justin and Susan Burt 

“Dear Bragada: …I did my research on the visco foam mattresses, (I found yours to be the best overall quality and deal) and was receptive to the concept, but remained skeptical, remember I haven’t had a decent night sleep in years! …I am a true believer now and I would not hesitate to recommend a Bragada mattress to anyone at all.” That makes us happy Stephen Signorelli 


A new gel mattress can help you sleep better. If it’s time for a new mattress choose a mattress size here or call 1-800-478-9098 for a Mattress Specialist to help you take the next step to a great night’s sleep. The Bragada Mattress family has been helping Americans sleep better since 1958 from the heartland & made in the U.S.A.

At Bragada our business is making great mattresses. 

Our passion is helping Americans sleep better.

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