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Bragada Milan GEL Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

6 Product Reviews - Average rating 5 / 5

No trouble falling asleep. - Mike Rappold
I have owned a Bragada Memory Foam Queen size bed for over 6 months now. Before I purchased the bed, I had always had some trouble sleeping, but now, I have no trouble falling asleep. I have also slept in several Tepur-Pedic beds and I have noticed absolutly no differance between the two in comfort. The biggest differance though is the prices, If your like me, and work extremely hard for what you earn, and like to save money, but not sacrifice quality, go with Bragada.

GOOD feeling. - Jerry and Cindy Lodge
We recently purchased a Bragada Milan queen size mattress set. This is the best bedding we have ever experienced! We had done LOTS of reading about memory foam mattresses, had tried out a few and liked the concept, but didn't have much confidence in the products we were seeing: big blocks of foam with cloth slip covers. Mattresses that were delivered rolled up! Mattresses that would have to "air out" for several days because of chemical smells! Mattresses that cost lots more and lots less. But Bragada's website showed memory foam taken to a higher level: better quality materials AND manufactured in the UNITED STATES, with lots of models to choose from, not to mention they LOOK like luxury mattresses (as you can see from their great photographs). It is beautifully made in every detail. For most of my adult life, I've had to sleep with an extra knee pillow to prevent knee pain in the morning. But I don't even need that anymore. The mattress we purchased has an extra soft layer on top that can only be described as "cozy". The mattress is soft and firm all at the same time, kind of hard to describe, but it is a GOOD feeling! I think we have even started to go to bed a little earlier just so we can enjoy the welcomed comfort! And we wake up smiling! When we were choosing which model would be good for us, I appreciated the cutaway diagrams of each mattress. We picked exactly what we wanted. And Bragada delivered! Thanks, Bragada. You make an outstanding mattress!

Never been so happy with a bed. - LeeAnne Ward
We bought a queen-sized Milan a few weeks ago and I have never been so happy with a bed in all my life! It's always a "leap of faith" to buy something like this online without trying it in person first and trusting that it will be as advertised. However, this bed is everything you said it would be, if not more. I had previously owned a Tempur-Pedic (which was nice but more expensive and it developed compressed areas -- "valleys" -- within a few weeks). Then I got married a few years ago and we had a latex mattress (which we really liked even though it was a little hot) on our liveaboard sailboat. When it came time to move ashore and buy a new bed, the Milan seemed like a perfect combination of the beds we have liked in the past. From the first night we slept on the Milan we have had perfect sleep -- no tossing, turning, snoring, or sweating -- and no "valleys!". The quality of the construction is very evident and the edges feel strong and supportive. The price is unbeatable -- the service and delivery were impeccable. I could not have asked for more! I highly recommend this bed and this company. Thank you all so very much!

I Love the mattress. - Ryan Kolantz
I Love the mattress. I have herniated disks in my back and I have been waking up with Zero back pain. Thank you very much. Your product is an identical tempur pedic for 1/3 the price!

Pricing far better. - Robert Gilmore
A few years ago, I was introduced to the Memory Foam type bed from referrals I received from coworkers and made my purchase at a local bed store. I have been very happy with the Memory Foam bed especially recovering from back surgery. When the time came to change from a queen to king size bedroom set, I checked with some local Memory Foam bed sellers and their beds appeared to be quite pricey. I then checked the Bragada Memory Foam bed web site and not only was the pricing far better but the Bragada Memory Foam bed itself had more constructional features then the beds sold at local bed stores. I have received my Bragada Memory foam bed and am so pleased with it enjoying a great nights sleep. I only wish I could take it with me when I travel! The Bragada factory direct pricing, online ordering, fast delivery and great customer service was a total package for a great product and experience.

The benefits were apparent from the very first night. - Howard Launius
Dear Bragada, It's been just over a month since receiving my Bragada mattress set. I have to admit to being somewhat concerned about buying a mattress over the internet, but those concerns were totally unfounded. My sleep has improved 200% !! The benefits were apparent from the very first night. Allthough I admit it took a couple of days to get fully accustomed to the new mattress. I haven't had an uncomfortable night yet. The biggest change for me is that I seem to pretty much stay in one place in the bed all night. On my old mattress, I used to destroy the covers and toss and turn all over the place. Now, on many mornings, I simply have to flip the covers back on my side and the bed is made. Additionally, the two foam pillows that were offered with the bed have been much more confortable that I ever imagined. I may not be sleeping any longer than I was before, but I am certainly sleeping more soundly. Thanks Bragada, for a really great product. I'd be happy to recommend Bragada to anyone.

Milan GEL Memory Foam Mattress

Compare to Tempur-Pedic® AlluraBed

  • 15" Total Height
  • 6" Total of GEL and Memory Foam by Bragada® (compared to 7" Tempur-Pedic® GrandBed)
  • 1" extra-soft Quilted CoolTemp™ GEL Memory Foam by Bragada®
  • 3" extra-soft CoolTemp™ GEL Memory Foam by Bragada®
  • 2" CoolTemp-HD™ Memory Foam by Bragada®
  • 9" Posture-Core™
  • Cashmer super stretch fabric
  • Complete Mattress; no assembly required
  • Hand-crafted, Made in the U.S.A.

The Milan mattress delivers the Ultimate in American-Made Memory Foam luxury with savings over 70% compared to the Tempur-Pedic® GrandBed. Bragada® Quality Construction is Superb. Bragada® has a lifetime warranty and its price is lower than Tempur-Pedic®

Bragada® believes you deserve the best mattress and best value, why buy a Tempur-Pedic®?

Bragada uses our specially designed GEL CoolTemp™ Memory Foam


Bragada"s patent pending CoolTemp™ GEL Memory Foam help you maintain a more normal body temperature throughout the entire night's sleep. Sleep Cooler and Sleep Better. Not all GEL Memory Foam is the same. You deserve the best, we give you our gel infused, CoolTemp™ GEL Memory Foam.

Bragada CoolTemp GEL

CoolTemp™ GEL Memory Foam keeps you cooler

It's easy to see. CoolTemp™ GEL Memory Foam keeps you cooler as you sleep compared to our competitor's chip-chunk gel and standard memory foam.

Standard Memory Foam Standard Memory Foam Standard Memory Foam

CoolTemp GEL Memory Foam - Stay Cool and Comfortable

We use a new proprietary, patent pending 100% gel infused memory foam to maintain normal body temperature that absorbs and distributed pressure. We provide you with a unique, superior CoolTemp™ GEL Memory Foam that offers a cool sleep with luxurious comfort, durability, and pressure relief.

  • Temperature Phase Technology - Sleeps Cooler
  • Maximized Comfort and Pressure Relief - Better Rest
  • Unique Infusion Process - GEL Throughout

GEL Infused is better

We fully infuse the gel uniformly throughout the memory foam cells. Many other companies just randomly throw chips and chunks of gel into their memory foam. Our CoolTemp™ GEL memory foam simply works better as the GEL is simply part of every memory foam cell, not just an afterthought gimmick. It's easy to think of the difference between a rich chocolate cookie versus a sugar cookie with M&M's thrown on top. Just like the luscious chocolate cookie, our CoolTemp™ GEL Memory Foam is permeated with gel, not just a chip or chunk afterthought like many competitors prefer.

  • GEL Fully infused, uniformly throughout the memory foam cells
  • So no to afterthought Chip and Chunk Gel
  • Minimizes temperature variations to better maintain normal body temperature
  • Evenly distributes body weight for better pressure relief and more comfort

Queen Mattress Size Price Comparison

Bragada® the Mattress of your Dreams™
"The Milan"
Tempurpedic ®
iComfort Genius
%  Savings  $
 $2099 $3799 $2999 Save 45% Save $1000+    Max Edge Support   
   CoolMax Fabric   
   6" Gel   

The Bragada Mattress family works hard to bring you the mattress of your dreams™
A Bragada Mattress is never from a showroom or warehouse.
Made in America delivered just days after it’s crafted.
Buy direct and get more for your money.

Why is a Bragada Mattress Less?

The Bragada Mattress family has been serving Americans from the heartland since 1958. Many ask us how can Bragada be less and still deliver the same quality? For us the answers are simple enough:

  • Bragada doesn't spend $100s of millions on big advertising or television ads.
  • Bragada doesn't have shareholders, fancy executives or big investors to pay back.
  • Bragada builds every mattress, custom to order, by hand made in the USA.
  • Bragada brings you a fresh mattress with no stinky warehouses or overseas shipping costs.
  • Bragada allows you to buy direct from the manufacturer – no middle man marking up the price.

Our business is bringing you the best mattress for your money.
Our passion is to help every American sleep better.

Free Delivery Fast

Best Free Memory Foam Mattress DeliveryBig corporate mattress brands automatically include more advanced delivery options so they can charge you more. With the Bragada Mattress family we give you a choice. We understand not everyone wants to pay for what they don’t need. Here are your delivery options:

Fast Free Delivery - Every Bragada Mattress includes completely free delivery right to your door.

White Glove Gold Delivery Service
We call this the “Set Up My Bedroom” option and that’s exactly what it does. For $199 our mattress delivery team delivers and sets up your new mattress and foundation in your bedroom removing all packing materials.

White Glove Platinum Delivery Service
We call this the “I Want it All” option and that’s exactly what you get for $249. Maybe not everything as we don’t do windows or vacuuming. What you do get is your new Bragada Mattress delivered and set-up, all materials removed, and then we remove your old bedding disposing of it properly for you.

Questions? Want to take advantage of these advanced delivery options? Simply give one of our experienced Mattress Specialists a call, 800-478-9098, and they’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and take your order over the phone.

Visit our Mattress Information Center for More Details

The Best Mattress Trial In America

It’s Simple, No Surprises, No Catches, No RiskBest Mattress Try Out Trial Program in America

Step 1: Choose a Bragada Mattress that fits your life.

Step 2: Dream about sleeping better as a new mattress is hand crafted just for you. Every Bragada mattress is custom made to order. No warehouses or showrooms.

Step 3: Welcome your freshly made Bragada mattress to its new home, your home. What a great day, your new mattress arrives. Welcome to the Bragada mattress family, a good sleep is finally here!

Step 4: Go ahead, sleep on it. Give yourself at least 60 days to get used to your new mattress. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase just fill out a form to let us know before the 121st day. If you prefer you can give us a call about our no-hassle comfort exchange program and upgrade your mattress comfort.

Step 5: You’ve decided you want to return your mattress so after you fill out the return form we’ll contact you for details. We’ll coordinate a local charity or our pick-up team to come get it.

This story has a happy ending because you’ll get a refund of your mattress purchase price. It’s that simple, no surprises or catches. The reason you joined the Bragada Mattress family was to sleep better in comfort and that’s just what we want. For details check out our Mattress Information Center.

PLEASE NOTE: The Bragada Mattress family has never and will never re-sell a mattress which has been returned to us. All of our returns are incorporated into our get green initiative to reduce waste and improve our environment.

Visit our Mattress Information Center for More Details

The Best Mattress Warranty in America

Best Memory Foam Mattress Warranty from BragadaWelcome to the Bragada Mattress family. We encourage you to keep your proof of purchase in a safe place to support the lifetime warranty you received with your new Bragada Mattress.

Every Bragada mattress comes with an industry leading limited lifetime warranty. We offer a 15 year non pro-rated warranty, with the remaining years pro-rated at 50% of the current retail price.

How does Bragada compare?
We think we compare very well thank you very much. Don’t take our word for it though, a simple glance at other mattress companies’ policies and you‘ll see 5 year, 7 year, or at the most 10 year full mattress warranty coverage. Bragada’s 15 year non-prorated coverage and lifetime pro-rated warranty is unequaled in the mattress industry.

Why do you call it a lifetime?
Here at the Bragada family we believe in the quality handcrafting we put into every mattress and back it up like no other company.

How long should my mattress last?
That’s a personal comfort decision but we’re not saying with our lifetime warranty you’ll have the same mattress in 15 years you’re buying today. Believe it or not many do but sleep experts suggest a mattress replacement every 7-10 years.

"New bedding improved sleep quality by 62.0% and sleep comfort by 70.8%, and reduced back pain by 55.3% and back stiffness by 50.7%."
According to the SleepDoctor.com

How can I help my mattress last longer and protect my warranty?
One of the biggest things you can invest in is a mattress protector cover. This will keep the enemies of a great mattress at bay including spills, moisture, small animals, food, and simple water. In fact any spill or other damage to your mattress can reduce warranty coverage and worse for you, make an uncomfortable sleeping surface.

Another great way to lengthen the comfort life of your mattress is to rotate it every 3 months.

Does this include the Built Strong Bragada Foundations?
Why yes it does, glad you asked. Our American hardwood, solid foundations are built to last and are a great foundation for any memory foam mattress. Their ease of putting together or taking apart without tools is our patent pending design. The easy to manage built to last Bragada foundations makes life easier when you need to move a mattress across your home, across town, or to another state.

In case you have any questions regarding your purchase, we have a dedicated customer service team ready to answer your questions. Customer service is available by calling 1-800-478-9098 option 4 or by emailing Service@Bragada.com. Customer service hours are Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST.

**IMPORTANT** We encourage the use of a mattress protector pad to avoid stains on your new Bragada mattress. We encourage the use of firm, flat surfaces to support your new Bragada mattress. Frames without center support rails and frames without a minimum of 5 legs in queen, king and cal-king sizes will void your warranty as they will not support the mattress properly. All products must be removed from their original shipping materials within three weeks of delivery to qualify for warranty consideration. In the event a warranty claim is filed and a warranty replacement is deemed necessary, purchaser agrees to surrender the original product to Bragada if requested by Bragada.

Visit our Mattress Information Center for More Details

Free Mattress Delivery Fast best-memory-foam-mattress-warranty natural-foam-mattress made-in-usa-memory-foam-mattress /best-memory-foam-mattress-warranty Bragada Lifetime Warranty best-memory-foam-mattress-warranty
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